Beyond Technology Transformation

Information technology has long moved beyond being "a means to an end." Digital technology has enabled public authorities as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to introduce entirely new business processes as well as re-engineer and optimize existing ones. This allows significant reductions in cost, acceleration of processes, consolidation of competitive advantages and opens up avenues to new business areas.

The essence is far more than the introduction of a new technology. Leveraging such technologies often requires far-reaching "disruptive" changes in the organization.

They affect business processes, organizational structures and in many cases even deep-rooted cultural aspects.

All of this on top of the challenging implementation of a complex IT project.

A challenge for the entire organization

This is exactly where we come in: We consider digital transformation a multi-dimensional process which requires incorporating a multitude of organizational specifics. Each organization requires an individual customized approach, there is no such thing as "one size fits all." Aspects to consider include business and non-business goals of an organization, competences and resources available and various cultural aspects.

Our core competence - your benefit

We design a tailor-made transformation process for you that helps you and your organization achieving your goals.

We integrate technology selection, process analysis and optimization and change management into a structured methodology to guide our customers through the complexity of their transformation process.

Throughout the entire process, we place particular emphasis on the communication with all stakeholders. This is a prerequisite to ensure the organization's commitment and its engagement in the transformation process.

This approach yields orientation and security throughout the process, enabling sustainable solutions with respect to

  • building ("digital") technology competence,
  • securing and expanding profitability,
  • minimizing "time-to-transform."

Example Projects

Change Management

Building an integrated IT application management and operations division by merging two existing divisions. The organization comprises more than 300 staff, with a mix of IT experts and non-technical domain specialists.

The objective of restructuring is to obtain a significant improvement in process quality as well as renewing the division's capability to continuously supply internal customers with innovative technologies in their daily business.

Process Optimization

Optimization of business processes in a non-profit organization to support their growth through technology. The organization addresses their target audience through an IT-based consulting platform akin to a social network, as well as through numerous projects and events which require significant planning effort.

The organization intends to leverage technology to increase efficiency in their operating departments as well as project teams. An additional objective is to optimize customer relationships and the associated processes.

Technology Renovation

Introduction of a new workflow management system to enable "friction-free" management of business processes in the public administration sector. The system is deployed to a group of more than 40,000 users.

A key objective of the project is to optimize business processes based on an integrated representation of business objects within the system. A particular challenge is the integration into an existing IT environment to allow the exchange of data with other domain-specific applications and public authorities.

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